Audiovisual installation
In development / Funded by Nederlands Film Fonds (Dutch Film Fund) and Amarte.

Memories of Things to Come
Feature documentary
In development / Script was created during IDFAcademy 2019.

In de stilte van de nacht (2020)
17min / short documentary
During a nightly journey teenagers tell about the way in which domestic violence has defined their image of love, intimacy and parenthood. How do you reconcile the image of a loving parent with memories that hurt? Associative images show the painful memories of the teens and the turning point to another life.

Festivals: Debut competition Nederlands Film Festival 2020.

Until the Quiet Comes (2015)
25min / short documentary
In the early 1990s, amid the war between Abkhazia and Georgia, Toro, an 87-year-old man, fled to Georgia along with his cousin and his cousin's wife. They have been residing together in a secluded village ever since. Despite Toro's unwavering positivity, humor, and resilience, the harsh realities of life begin to take their toll. "Until the Quiet Comes" narrates a tale of interdependence and the courage to persevere during times of great adversity, tinged with tragedy, humor and vodka.

Festivals: Tous Courts Film Festival France [’special mention’ award] / DokumentArt Germany / Prix Europe Germany / Huesca Film Festival Spain / Neu Now Art Festival the Netherlands / Docudays Ukraine / Nederlands Film Festival / Kinoproba Film Festival Russia / Adaptation Festival Ukraine / Go Short  Film Festival the Netherlands / Vers Awards the Netherlands.

Bach aan Bed (2011)
16min / short documentary
Mariette Freijzer brings comfort to unhealable ill people with her cello. We witness the powerfull influence music has on people in these hard situations.

Festivals: Go Short  Film Festival