As an audiovisual artist, I believe that life's poetry resides not in grand events, but rather in small, everyday details. Although they may appear insignificant, these commonplace occurrences can make us truly aware of life's beauty. That's why I find myself drawn to situations that unveil themselves after the dust has settled. My work typically focuses on intimate and observant narratives that highlight the human dimension of macro-social and political developments.

To create my art, I rely on multiple visual languages, such as film, photography, or audiovisual installations, or a blend of these mediums. Regardless of the medium, storytelling and artistic research always takes center stage in my creative process. My artistic research has taken me to different corners of the world, including a copper mine on the border between Congo and Zambia, a mountain village in Georgia, a minefield in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but also close to home such as a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Utrecht, the city where I currently live.

My aim is to engage the audience and provoke their thoughts. For me, every project is an exploratory journey towards perfecting my craft. Apart from my artistic endeavors, I also teach at the HKU and St Joost art academies and contribute to various art and culture committees that annually grant subsidies.